🎙INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD W/ Darrell Neely Odin Sr.

So another night in paradise! Joining me during hour number two tonight is the one, and only Darrell Neely Odin Sr from Global Enlightenment Radio Network or “GERN” if you don’t want to use big fancy words and stuff. But Darrell is the co-owner on GERN, and they go hard. Both on their network, and well… You know the thing.

But had a lot of clips to display, and talk about tonight, and brought him on since I don’t think he’s been officially a Guest here but now he has. And the hour went by fast. He will be back on from time to time as we’re also carried on GERN. Remember folks we’re on PSN RADIO, SoFloRadio, and GERN. So know you learn, and knowing is half the battle.

Tonight we battled with a lot of clips of JOE BIDEN, and man he’s battling more than his occasional goof ups. He’s off in never never land! But post the VP debate that was something I really wanted to talk about also, and that was a total destruction of Kamala Harris by the best VP this country ever seen! FTW! Mike Pence is the fucking man! That guy if and when he runs to become President has me on his side, and I think he’s got next after Trump is done. I honestly think a Mike Pence, and Candace Owens ticket would be flipping incredible!

The next president hoping after Trump gets re-elected! The one after he’s done is going to be a tough one since the Republican side has a lot of worthy folks who look presidential, and ready to take on the evil globalist cabal. But for now we have to get Trump re-elected in NOV 3rd. And to do that we need you all to get out, and vote.

Check out the clips I played tonight as we covered again a lot of whats happening with Biden/Harris vs Trump/Pence, and I got to a few clips dealing with them directly. Odin was a blast during hour two, and hope you enjoy listening to him also.

Again folks check out psn-radio.com for more information on the show, and network. Also the Patreon for Angel make sure you hit that up, and drop in a few bucks as every little helps grow the show, and network. The url is patreon.com/angelespino and his own site also has a donations page angelespino.com

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