Remembering Stephen Duran (Captn Steve O) (03/16/1965 – 08/10/2021) Rest in Peace

Stephen Duran aka “Capt’n Steve O” (03/16/1965 – 08/10/2021) best known for his show “Rev Radio Vegas” has passed away folks and while some of you might not know him, and I just became friends with him over the last year myself we all had taken a great liking to him as he was a very gentle, and nice man. We had some good laughs but in means did I know him as well as those on the network he was on which is “G.E.R.N” and our hearts, and condolences to his family and personal loved ones from real life to the world of online radio. I know the owner of the network he was on “Darrell Neely” is taking this hard as they were close, and condolences to him also not just from myself Angel Espino but the entire PSN Radio family, and everyone on Public Streaming Network in general.

We just lost this Sunday our own Dennis Crenshaw who was family, and know the loss. Last year we lost our co-owner Jorge Rodrguez as well previously Suds Coleman who was a good buddy of mines, host on SoFloRadio and a radio icon also in Florida. And we can’t forget Art Bell my mentor in radio along with Jorge Rodriguez nobody meant more to me in radio then those two men, and they’ve both passed… Seems like our good friends are all being called to the gates of heaven. Steve had a lot of wild thoughts, and a great imagination. He was a very bright and an articulate man with a lot of passion for podcasting, and to help others.

July 26th 2021 – local uprising show with Dirt Halo

One of his favorite Quotes were “Who ever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Who ever can not take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man will say to his assailant if I live I will kill you . If I die you are forgivin’ such is the rule of honor U DONT LIKE ME BITE ME …..”

To say we’re going to miss him is an understatement as he was like the others we lost recently that I mentioned One of a kind. This week has been a hard one as two friends of ours have been taken in connection to this unseen monster known as the Covid 19. Could be the Vaccine, could be the virus itself. But either way two great guys have been lost this week in connection to it, and that’s just horrible.

Now I wonder if Jorge Rodrguez also was taken by the virus last year as his death was seen as a heart failure and that seems to be one of the ways they say people are dying from it. The virus, and vaccine side effects affect the heart from the chatter I’ve been hearing more and more from the medical community.

special edition of live from the captn chair

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