As Elon Musk restructures Twitter teases possible reinstatement of Donald Trump

As Elon Musk restructures Twitter teases possible reinstatement of Donald Trump
, Quickly the village idiot known to the world as "Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" or "AOC" for short issued a public reminder of the violent insurrection incited by the former president during his last days on the platform.

"Idk man, last time he was here this platform was used to incite an insurrection, multiple people died, the Vice President of the United States was nearly assassinated, and hundreds were injured but I guess that's not enough for you to answer the question. Twitter poll it is," Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweeted response

Musk, whose takeover of the company has prompted hundreds of employee departures and resignations, issued a poll on Friday asking users whether they want the former president back on the social media platform. 

The New York Democrat added that the House January 6th Committee has "extensively covered how Trump's use of Twitter played a critical role in the violence of that day."

She added video footage of former Vice President Mike Pence being escorted to an alternative location within the Capitol as rioters fought police and infiltrated the Capitol. 

"Review their extensive work & ask yourself why a billionaire is toying w/ bringing back the person responsible for this," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. Well I don't know what Elon would answer but all I can say if Terrorists for over in the middle east and domestic like you AOC can keep their twitter accounts than the Trump account should be un banned.

There is no real proof he did nothing wrong, and we all know this, and if he chooses to come back would be his choice. He afterall is on Truth Social more now anyway which is good.

Trump has been permanently suspended from Twitter since January 8, 2021, following the Capitol siege by Trump supporters. Some 948 people have been criminally charged in the insurrection, and 450 have pleaded guilty. Several rioters and their attorneys blamed Trump for their involvement, saying the former president "asked us to go to the march on the 6th."

From the report out of the 948 people charged claimed that from Trump, and nobody knows these names. This is more leftist made up b/s..... IF NOT Name the names "AOC".

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