'I may be a White boy, but I'm not stupid' - Joe Biden

OMG This is dementia for you. Joe Biden ripped for 'I may be a White boy, but I'm not stupid' comment at Black History Month event: 'He is both' not just is the timing horrible but let's be honest with his previous track record of crime bills aimed at putting black father in prison one in 1985 and the other in 1994. 

Joe Biden also has a history of well let's just say pushing the racial boundaries where none were needed like his "if you don't vote for me then you aint black" which was closed with that fake arrogant smile of his showing off those dentures or implants or whatever his has in there. I know that Rush used to call him "plugs" because he used hair transplant surgery Biden did to coverup his bald spot.

But Plugs here... Wait a second! "Butt Plug" makes sense now why all the alphabet people love now I guess................. Well anyways!

Joe Biden is now in some hot water for this comments... 'I may be a White boy, but I'm not stupid' to which again we say. Yes you are both "white and stupid" Joe. This happened at a White House reception, Biden appeared to hit Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., when he declared, "It’s important to say from the White House for the entire country to hear: History matters. History matters and Black history matters. I can’t just choose to learn what we want to know. We learn what we should know. We have to learn everything, the good, the bad, the truth, and who we are as a nation."

But it was another statement from the event that went viral when Biden was boasting about his knowledge of the Divine Nine historically Black fraternities and sororities. "I may be a White boy, but I'm not stupid," Biden said, as the crowd laughed. "I know where the power is. You think I’m joking? I learned a long time ago about the Divine Nine." X Strategies LLC Senior Digital Strategist Greg Price tweeted a clip from the event, then wrote, "FACT CHECK: Joe Biden is both white and stupid."

Special Advisor for Communications for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, replied with a clip of a previous racially controversial statement Biden made, "FLASHBACK Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't Black." Former US Congressional candidate Bernard Claston wrote, "He is saying white people are the only ones who can be racist.

That is the Marxist definition of racism bias +power. As they believe whiteness is the reason for racism." 

"SHOCK: President Biden calls white people stupid during black history month celebration to the glee of the audience. He said, ‘I may be a white boy but I’m not stupid,’" conservative Twitter account Amuse wrote.

Journalist Andy Ngo wrote, "President Biden makes a disparaging racial comment at the White House Black History Month reception. He says though he is white, he is not stupid. The audience bursts out in laughter."

"[Self]-hatred is at the core of white Democrat identity," Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Jeremy Carl wrote to Ngo. 

"Because white boys are stupid? What an idiot," talk show host Gerry Callahan wrote. This came less than two weeks after Biden got in trouble for referring to Maryland's first Black governor, Wes Moore, as "boy."

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