Brendan Fraser wins best actor in the 2023 Oscars!


I never seen an actor more worthy of an Oscar then Brendan Fraser who not just blew away my expectations on the film when I saw it but totally showed how talented of an actor he is.

Not to mention how his career was all but dead had it not been for some roles which kept his name around like his time in the tv series Doom Patrol, and til now this film and Oscar win brings his career back to full circle. 

The fans have loved this guy for decades, and as Hollywood does when they're done with you they spit you out, and only a handful of truly talented actors make it to this stage. Congrats to him for fighting back into mainstream Hollywood grace while being humble, noble, and himself. His charm is what sold this other worldly sad film. It's a shame it didn't land best picture also as Best Director.

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