Ron DeSantis to run in 2024 Afterall! But wow major fail on Twitter Announcement!

This shocks about nobody as Ron DeSantis has declared via his Twitter night with Elon Musk that he will indeed be running for the Oval office in 2024... This makes A LOT of people in Florida mad trust me as this state will be voting against him and for Trump. The truth is that Ron should have waited until 2028 many feel as he both owes it to Trump, and the FLA community who backed him and in a big turn out too for his re-election. Had it not been for Trump who endorsed him years ago Ron wouldn't even be Gov today. Sad that he's proven to be not very loyal to the man who got him the GOV push and helped him big time. Well I know who I'm voting for. Donald Trump. The trending hash tag since his announcement has been #DeSaster so don't expect this to be good... Too many GOP people sticking their toes in the race for The White House in 2024 and none has a chance at beating Donald Trump.

WOW This is bad folks so after a period of glitches, and stuff Elon who isn't very keep on how these podcasts are ran stutters, and techs his way into introducing DeSantis... This is awful! Awfully funny! LOL It's almost like Elon was trying to F things up so DeSantis could have probably the most lame, and worst Presidential running announcement in history. LOL IF this isn't Musk trolling DeSantis I'll be shocked! HAHA!

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