The World mourns as Jim Carrey Says He’s ‘Leaving Twitter’

Seriously does Jim Carrey think we care about him enough to care he's leaving Twitter? In his past he's always come off as a bit well not to sharp outside of being a funny guy who was a decent actor his box office glory days are FAR behind him. Folks it's bad enough when the prequel to Dumb & Dumber was better than his sequel. You know the one which he, and Daniels were not in?

I don't know what is about Hollyweird that makes people like Jim Carrey into the Narcissist he's become where him announcing he's leaving Twitter suddenly he thinks will do what? The left wanted Electric Cars, Man in Space, and a quicker trip to Mars not just the Moon! And he's given us all these things. The left loved him until he endorsed Trump and Bought Twitter.

So according to the liberals he can't think for himself, and endorse who he wants? What free country is this? So Jim Scary Carrey is the latest celebrity to declare that he is leaving Twitter in the wake of Tesla CEO Elon Musk completing his takeover of the platform.  A week, after Musk reinstated former President Donald Trump’s account to Twitter, White Stripes vocalist, Socialist and guitarist Jack White deleted his account, calling the Tesla CEO “absolutely disgusting” and claiming that he only restored Trump’s account because he hates paying taxes.

Sorry we also don't care about the "White Stripes" and some dude named "Jack White" in my world he's a nobody. Another nobody some one who claims to be a music producer called "Trent Reznor" who I've never heard off but who's ego made him also declare that he needed to delete his Twitter account for his “mental health” and that Musk’s takeover of the social media platform is an “embarrassment.” 
 So is your life MrReznor. 

Last month, Shonda Rhimes? ("WHO"?), the Hollywood power producer behind television mainstays including Grey’s AnatomyScandal and, How to Get Away with Murderclaimed she would be leaving Twitter following Musk’s takeover, although she has yet to do so.  Well who care that's stuff I don't care for or watch.

whining celebrities who have vowed to leave Twitter following Musk’s October 28 takeover include Whoopi Goldberg, model Gigi Hadid, actress Debra Messing, actor Alex Winter, and producers Ken Olin and Brian Koppelman, among others.


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