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We are planning on promoting as many of my guests who have books on this very page as possible... I want to promote people who's work I respect, and actually have read. So please check out some of the books below... Some are of past guests, and some are just books I love, and want to promote...

Remember! Reading is fundamental... :)

The Calling
BOUND-IR-HARRIS Fallen 01 Awakening
Ghosts 1 5Steps2GodsVoice
William Hall D Street 01 Paranormal 1
SEX1 American Vamps 02 Future Book
Tasting the Universe - 01 Transformation 1 Mark A 01
Exodus Reality
SkyPEople 1 Akashic Records Akashic Records
666 Visions of the Multiverse 01
Robert Salas 1
UFO Singerlirity
BTails 02 BTails 01
SW 02 SW 0007
SW 0006 SW 0005
SW 01
SW 0004 SW 0009
SW 0003 SW 03
SW 0008
Superman 01 Superman 02 Superman 04
Superman 03 BATMAN 01
MJ 1

Reading Rainbow is a brand that parents and children have loved and trusted for 30 years. As an award-winning children’s television series aired by PBS from 1983 until 2009 it encouraged reading among children. The program produced 155 episodes, each one hosted by famed actor LeVar Burton (ROOTS, Star Trek: TNG, Perception).

Garnering over 200 broadcast awards, 26 Emmys and the Peabody Award, the series was created by WNED-Buffalo, Lancit Media Productions, and Great Plains National Instructional Television.

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