"Helping to inform the post-Disclosure world."

So Hollywood has come together to help inform people on a post disclosure world... Something my show and others have been talking about for years.

On my shows I've had on a lot of people in the world of ufology and spoken to some of the top people pushing for Disclosure which include Stephen Bassett and many more like him. He's the most known, and best to speak to in opinion on the subject.

"The goal of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance is to provide a more unified voice in the media leading up to, and following, the impending revelation of the presence of extraterrestrial life disclosure through storytelling in feature films, documentaries, and TV programming. We are a media-centric resource, teaming those actively working within the research side of UAP / ET with those actively working as storytellers."

Hollywood, CA, Nov. 6, 2023 – A number of Hollywood storytellers and many of the top UFO or UAP researchers, advocates and journalists in America have joined forces for the first time ever and have just launched the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. The goal of the new group is to provide a more unified voice in the media leading up to and following what UAP researchers have long been waiting for the end of the long-held U.S. government-imposed truth embargo regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life by confirmation from the President of the United States Disclosure.

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