Nancy Pelosi Steps down!


This is a national holiday! Nasty Nancy Pelosi finally will be laving her position as hemorrhoid of the house.. I mean Speaker!

On her future? Well that is Still in the House, but staying out of the congressional kitchen... IN other words she's going into hiding for now so she's can go away without much notice and hopes to avoid being investigated.

Which we believe she out to be... At least I believe that.

Now she can go eat all the ICE Cream she wants with Paul her husband, and all her sick junky friends in San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi will still be in Congress for another term, representing her San Francisco congressional district, but she says the new generation that will succeed her in the leadership of House Democrats doesn't need to worry about her meddling in their business.

"Thanksgiving's coming," she replied when asked what advice she would be giving her successor. "I have no intention of being a mother-in-law in the kitchen saying, 'My son doesn't like stuffing that way; this is the way we make it in our family.'

"They will have their vision. They will have their plan."

Pelosi sat down to talk with a small group of reporters Thursday moments after standing in the well of the House and announcing that, after two decades in the leadership, she would not be running for that role when the Democratic caucus convenes Nov. 30.

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