Matthew Lawrence lost Marvel role after refusing to strip for director

Actor and 90's teen idol Matthew Lawrence claimed he lost a role in a Marvel movie and was dropped by his talent agency after refusing to strip for a "very prominent" director. The 'Boy Meets World' actor insisted he has been "propositioned" a number of times in his career and he's still particularly shocked by his alleged treatment after he refused to get naked during a private meeting in a hotel room with the unnamed Oscar-winning filmmaker. Just based on this, timeline and reputation I'm thinking this oscar winning Marvel director was probably Bryan Singer who's had major backlash over the decades since he started directing X-MEN movies.

On his podcast 'Brotherly Love', Matthew said: “There’s been many times in my life where I’ve been propositioned to get a huge role. I’ve lost my agency because I went to the hotel room, which I can’t believe they would send me to, of a very prominent Oscar award-winning director who showed up in his robe, asked me to take my clothes off and said he needed to take Polaroids of me." Singer who is openly gay has been in hot water in the past for somewhat simular situations. Wouldn't put it past it being him but I don't want to say for sure cause it could be anyone. So I'm just speculating for now. Can't confirm just a gutt instinct.

“And then if I did X, Y and Z, I would be the next Marvel character. I didn’t do that, and my agency fired me because I left this director’s room. The 43-year-old actor didn't say when the alleged incident happened or what film he was supposed to be discussing. Matthew also hit out at the double standards that occur when male actors have spoken about being subjected to sexual harassment in their working environment, compared to the experiences women have when they share details of how people have behaved towards them.

He said: “Terry Crews comes out and says it; people are laughing at him. People don’t support him. They kick him out. "Why? Because he’s a man that represents masculinity, and I think our society is less ready to hear that situation going on with men than they are with women.

“Not a lot of guys in my opinion have come out and talked about this in the industry. There is also this same situation. Now granted, it’s probably about a third of what women go through. The amount of men… Men go through this as well, whether it’s another woman or another man in power.”

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