James Gunn Is Canceling His Superman Movie, For now!

Well folks looks like the return or new birth or whatever Superman: Legacy is said to be will have to wait as filmaker and new head in charger of what has become the worst ran property of comic book movies in the entire entertainment industry James Gunn is going to be a busy body with his agenda switching to picket lines and not wrtiting the movie he said he would. A Lot of the fans want him gone all together from DC/WB but this is due to the writers strike.

While James Gunn has not said anything publically about his next move, or the WGA strike in general, industry insiders are confident the co-head of DC Studios and WGA member will be siding with the picketers. “So James Gunn’s writing Superman: Legacy. So, he won’t be able to continue,” says Jeff Sneider, host of The Hot Mic podcast. Sneider went on to admit that it’s possible Gunn has already finished the script but that even in that scenario, James won’t “cross the picket line even as an executive.”

Sneider expanded upon that sentiment stating that James Gunn will be handing his day-to-day work at DC Studios over to his partner Peter Safran, at least until the WGA and Hollywood can work out a deal. What that means for the recently revealed slate of DC projects titled Chapter One: Gods and Monsters is really anyone’s guess, but it certainly won’t have a positive effect on the new DCU. Most of the upcoming projects James Gunn has announced, including Superman: Legacy, are assumed to be in early development, meaning they’re most likely still in the writing phase, which is bad news for Warner Bros.

The strike is thought to be the result of the WGA’s beef with Netflix and other streaming services. Streamers keep raising prices, but none of that extra dough has found its way into the writer’s pockets. In response, The Writer’s Guild demanded more pay for the increased workloads they’re currently shouldering to keep up with the constant demand for new content.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers denied the Guild’s demands, hence the strike. It’s not surprising Gunn would side with the writers since that’s where his career began. Before James Gunn was co-running DC Studios and developing high-profile projects like Superman: Legacy, he was a writer for hire, penning the screenplays for the two live-action Scooby-Doo films and Zack Snyder’s 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake, among several others.

James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy was previously expected to be released on July 11, 2025 but thanks to Gunn’s loyalty to his fellow WGA members will most likely be delayed. The film is thought to be inspired by Grant Morrison’s fan-favorite series All-Star Superman and won’t be as comedic in tone as the bulk of Gunn’s other work.

Morrison’s series was a celebration of all things Superman set outside the main DC continuity and focused on a dying Man of Steel as he spends his remaining days performing one last round of heroic feats.

Superman: Legacy would no doubt change the part about Supes dying as James Gunn intends for the film to be the crown jewel in a new ongoing DC cinematic universe. What Gunn would presumably take from All-Star Superman would be the series distillation of Superman into his core essence: a nice guy with the powers of a god and the morals of a midwestern farmboy who just wants to make the world a better place.

Let's see how long the writer’s strike will last, and James Gunn gets back to work on Superman: Legacy but like I said this won't make a lot of fans happy. Mostly those of the Snyderverse which has been shutdown by James Gunn. The entire strike can be over quick or laster months, and even years.

Now this won't stop the studios from creating material for you to take a look at as a lot of scripts which are in development hell might get a second look now, and perhaps a GEM might be found on something already written. Now I'm not sure if this would be allowed or not but if the script is already done on some other project we could again be in for some brand new stories.

Maybe not in the DC/WB but who knows whatelse could come of this... Me I personally don't care for James Gunn and will be boycotting his take over of Superman, and all his DC work. Don't care for him personally, and his last movie not just bombed horribly it was a DC movie. The Suicide Squad. This folks was just a silly and stupid movie that only one a few jokes which actually landed and for as much as I dislike Jon Cena he atleast was well cast as Peacemaker, and he was about the only ok thing in the movie.

Well the "Polka-Dot Man" and "The Weasel" were amusing... So  um yeah that's where we're at with James Gunn and his reboot of Superman. But really folks after "Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, and Tyler Hoechlin" the real question is do we need another face to the role? I mean why add another actor when you have 4 already known for the part. This is why I personally don't want James to move forward besides my dislike of him, and his directing.

Again sure his 2 Guardians of the Galaxy movies made money and were good in there own right. As that franchise is ending with Vol. 3 coming soon I was hoping James Gunn would just go away and leave coming book movies alone. But no he's determined to ruin all the DCU before he's done. But for now the man and his MILLIONS in $$$ will be picketing for more money.

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